Reciprocal Jerkbait Strategies

Springing for smallmouths with jerkbaits hard and soft, and analyzing the situations that call for reciprocation. Continue Reading »

Bottoms Up! Big Blue Catfish

Tricks of the catfish trade with southern hospitality, on the intricate art of baiting for big blue behemoths in southern fisheries. Continue Reading »

On The Jets with Wisconsin River Smallmouths

Regarded as America’s hardest working river for its elaborate dam usage and flowage systems, the Wisconsin River is a boating minefield whose smallmouth bass fishing is best experienced with a jet boat. Aboard with Central Wisconsin River guide, Kurt Schultz, smallmouth bass fishing of world class proportions is a reality. Continue Reading »

Wisconsin’s Superior Smallmouth Bass

Ashland Wisconsin’s Chequamegon Bay is the destination where every bass fisherman’s big fish dreams come true. Continue Reading »

Catching Fall River Walleyes Right Now

The 2015 fishing season is far from over. Big river walleyes are on the nocturnal prowl, and anglers who wade to them are reaping the rewards of following suit. Continue Reading »

Wisconsin Fishing Getaways: Turtle Flambeau Flowage

Bass fishing is becoming more accepted throughout Northern Wisconsin. One smallmouth bass destination that’s always at the top of my fishing list is the Turtle-Flambeau Flowage. Continue Reading »

Smallmouth Bass Outside of the Box Presentations

The outside-of-the-box smallmouth presentations I’ve shared aren’t new, but what makes them special is most smallmouths aren’t conditioned to them. With an open mind and willingness for ingenuity, consider these 10 ideas to become some of your newest bags of tricks entering the 2016 season. Continue Reading »

Tips for Catching More Smallmouths This Season

There are no shortcuts to consistently catching quality bass, but there are certain strategies and methods you can implement to improve your success. Here are my best tips for catching more and bigger bass this year. Continue Reading »


Northwoods Bass Fishing Report, June 2016

June was an interesting month of fishing. Inconsistent weather, coupled with mayfly hatches, busy boat traffic on some days, plus short feeding windows and lack of fish activity made June bass fishing a challenge. Like all problems we face on the water, there are often solutions. My boat succeeded, but fell far below my high standards.


Northwoods Report, May 2016

What another wet and wild month of May, 2016 it was! The weather was lousy, but bass fishing good enough. Thank goodness the season started! Now rain, please go away. It rained 4 inches on us in Minocqua last week.


Northwoods Bass 2016 Early Season Forecast

By Andrew Ragas

A new fishing season brings new angling opportunities. During the last week, our family’s northwoods cabin opened for the season, signaling that game time is near. My Ranger boat finally hit the water, and a slew of upgrades such as big screen electronics, a front deck extension, and other modifications were added onto it soon after. With a little less than a week remaining until Wisconsin’s gamefish season opener and the start of my 2016 bass fishing season, all I can do is patiently wait for the clocks and calendar to turn….. and share some tales of northwoods bass fishing until then.



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